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Компания специализируется на оказании широкого спектра услуг как для корпоративных клиентов так и для частных лиц. Профессионализм и ответственность ключевые преимущества нашей компании.


Offers high quality and energy value, providing efficient and environmentally friendly fuel for a variety of industries


A wide range of fertilizers that help improve the yield and quality of crops.


High-quality aluminum, which is widely used in industry due to its lightness, strength and corrosion resistance.

Our range of fuels will provide your equipment with high-quality oils and fuel.

Powerful and reliable machines are designed for the most difficult working conditions in quarries. From excavators to loaders, each unit delivers superior performance and durability.

Spare parts for Trucks and Excavators

We offer a wide range of high quality spare parts for trucks and excavators, ensuring the smooth operation of your equipment.

Assistance in the supply of necessary medical equipment (MRI, CT, ultrasound, etc.)

Medical Parts

Spare parts for medical equipment, from major manufacturers

Consultation on services

The company's managers will be happy to answer your questions and calculate the cost of services and prepare an individual commercial offer. 

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About Our Company

Welcome to New Vision Group, your parallel import expert!

We specialize in parallel imports of a wide range of products, including quarry equipment, spare parts for trucks and excavators, medical equipment and spare parts, as well as coal, aluminum, fuels and fertilizers. Our company provides access to high quality and reliable products at competitive prices, guaranteeing prompt and safe delivery.

Choose reliability, quality and favorable terms of cooperation in the field of parallel import.


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